IP: ArcherMC.com
Available Versions: 1.7-1.13

The ArcherMC is a SkyBlock, Factions, KitPvP and UHC Network looking to bring you the best gameplay experience.


Feel free to sign up, Introduce yourself and get familiar with the forums and the community. Please make sure to read all the rules.

The development team are working hard to provide you with quality content. It is full steam ahead development wise. We have no set release date, but we will release hopefully no later than July.

7-5 days before the official release, you will be able to purchase multiple 'EARLY ACCESS PASS' for specific servers on the network, allowing you to help test, play with staff and play on the server before the public does! If you purchase extra items or ranks from the store during this time, it will not be removed, however, anything you build or gain (money etc) will be reset.

Please contact The Management on the Forums via DM if you have any account issues.

Bug Reports
Punishment Appeals
Staff Applications

I hope you enjoy your stay,
~ Management